Sooo I’ve been 14

I’ve been 14 for like… A week and two days!! It’s pretty cool! 😂 (and yeah, that my favorite emoji) 

Other news….

School!!! Honestly, school has been a ginormous blast.. I was kinda nervous, but high school is a TON of fun. 

Kittens!!! We gave away all the kittens that we need to. 😀😃 So now we have only four.

Bday gift!!! I LEGIT GOT AN IPOD TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!! (6th gen) 





My Bday is Coming up!

Sorry about no new blog posts recently, I’ve been busy and all with 9th grade. BTW it is not NEARLY as hard as every one said soooooo yeah.

I’m super excited about my 14th birthday! I get an iPhone 6 from my mom so that is making me SUPER excited!! lol Here is a countdown– let’s see if it works…..

Peace out,


P.S. anddddd it’s not working– click on it and the countdown will come up. Sorry bout that

Ten Random Facts About Me

  1. I have three sisters and no brothers.
  2. I am a lefty.
  3. I love the show White Collar and wish there would be more seasons.
  4. I am addicted to Youtube.
  5. My favorite color is the blue.
  6. I wear contact lenses.
  7. My favorite flavor of ice cream is Cookies n’ Cream.
  8. I know how to crochet and love it.
  9. I love reading.
  10. I want to learn ASL someday.

Life Hack: When you fly, tie a bright strip of fabric on your luggage so you know that it’s yours right away and don’t have to check it.




Sooooo, I updated the blog. It used to look so old. I love it now.

We saw our kittens! They are SOOOO cute.

I had so much fun in Arizona. I must admit that I was super nervous flying. We used a twenty passenger van to drive around most of the time so that was fun. We drove to New Mexico to see where my mom lived when she was my age. We also drove to the Grand Canyon. It was SOO pretty. It kinda looked like a painting.

The flight home was weird. We got up EARLY like three Arizona time. Our flight was at six thrirty. We got home and we had lost three hours. The night before I had coffee and so I couldn’t sleep until twelve. It was weird when I woke up because I wasn’t tired.

This month is packed with stuff. Our school starts on August 23 so I’m NOT ready for that.

Life hack: if you close a tab that you didn’t want to, press ctrl+shift+T.

Your Word have I treasured in my heart that I might not sin against You. Psalm 119:11




Sooooo, it been forever since I posted anything what with Family Safety and all on my computer set up by my mother. A LOT has happened!!!! Most importantly though, I’m going to Phoenix!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today! 🙂 I’m SUPER excited. 🙂

Our three female cats all had a litter so now we have even more cute kittens. I went to Chicago for several days. My days are PACKED ’til school starts. (20 days 😦 )

Not much to say. Hope you have an awesome day.

Life Hack: Want to make something typed like an essay look bigger? Try making all your punctuation one font size bigger.



Just Randomness

It’s been a while since I posted anything sooo I decided to post something. lol

The kittens I was telling you about now have their eyes open so we can hold them (YAY!!!!!) One of our most tame cats disappeared last Saturday and hasn’t come back.

I am doing Bible Quizzing which means that I have to memorize like six chapters from the Bible. I already have memorized two and am halfway there on the third which rocks. I found out that if I memorize two verses every day for the entire month of May, then I can switch back to memorizing one verse per day and be done before school starts.

Tuesday is my teacher’s bday and then she will be twenty.

I am on my last full week of school (!!!!!!!!) and then we just have three full days and one half day after that (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I am not looking forward the high school tho because everyone says how hard it’ll be. 😦

Well that’s all I have to bore you with now. lol

Life Hack: If you need a dry erase board but don’t have one, try using a picture frame. Write right on it with your marker. It works!




So…. Right now at my house, I have THREE little kittens!!! Today, our female had her kittens and they are so cute!!!! Of course, they will be more cute when they are older but…. they are still cute to me at least. lol The mama has quite a bit of orange on her and so two of the kittens are orange. The other one looks just like her (black, orange, and white).

I also wanted to rub it in to everyone who is in school’s faces (#sorrynotsorry) that today I had my final test in Math (truly Algebra 1/2) and now I’m done for the year in Math!!!!!! Our school lets out on May 14, 2016– did I already say this??? Anyhoo…. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! lol When does your school let out?

Life Hack: When you need to do a presentation in school and you write your notes on notecards, use different colors for each line so as not to get confused where you are.



Clarification and Other Randomness

I read on a Mennonite blog that most plain Mennonites just dress the way they do as they think it will get them to Heaven. The only knowledge I have of any thing like that is of the Old Order Amish. Although this is true, some Old Order Amish are Christians. New Order Amish, on the other hand, are Christians. The Beachy Mennonites are the way they are because they became Christians and believed that the Old Order Amish way was not what the Bible wanted. So– I just wanted the clarify on that for everyone who wondered or read something like that.

Is anyone in school right now that is SO READY for school to be out and SUMMER vacation(!!!) to come? As I am in a private Christian school, we have a shorter school year. Our year ends in 21 1/2 days. (May 14, 2016) What I find funny is that the Picnic (the end-of-year day when everyone who wants to will come and watch a program and stay for the day) is on my dad’s birthday. And here is something random, my mom’s bday was yesterday.

Our outdoor cat is gonna have kittens and we keep on waiting and waiting for her to have them. Every morning I go out to feed our dog and check and NO SHE HAS NOT HAD HER KITTENS YET. BOO!!!!!

Random fact: We have had 38 different cats. (38 or 48– not sure and too lazy to count . 🙂 Toodles!

Life Hack: If you want to delete a lot of words when typing, instead of holding down the backspace, hold down ctrl+backspace to delete one word at a time.





Welcome to my blog! First blog post! Lol. If your reading this blog, you are probably interested in Mennonites– or maybe you are one. I randomly decided to start a blog because I love writing and being myself even though I am a kind of nerd and therefore am rather shy. Whoa! Run on sentence going on there…

Anyway, I’m gonna tell you more about myself. I have three sisters and no brothers. I’m Mennonite. I’m also a lefty, a complete nerd, and a Christian.

I am kinda like most teens in quite a few ways though. I love video games such as Sims. (SO MUCH FUN!) I have social media. Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr… I would feel SO deprived even for two hours without wifi.

But yet, I’m so different. I wear dresses every day. I cover my hair with a veil.

Here’s a question for you– have you ever seen a Mennonite?

Something interesting for you– my 8th great (SO LONG AGO) grandfather was a full blooded Indian!!! Oh, wow, that was like SO RANDOM!!!!!!!!!!! lol My ancestors come from Switzerland and probably Germany.

I speak a form of German that people called Pennsylvania Dutch. My aunt went on a trip to Spain last(??) year and met some people from Germany that knew of a district in Germany that speaks the exact dialect that I do. Is that cool or what???

As it is getting late here and tomorrow is a Monday ( 😦 ) I need to go to bed. Thanks for stopping by. Comment and all that stuff. lol. BYEZEES!

Life Hack: Feel tired when you wake up? Drink lots of water.