Sooo I’ve been 14

I’ve been 14 for like… A week and two days!! It’s pretty cool! 😂 (and yeah, that my favorite emoji) 

Other news….

School!!! Honestly, school has been a ginormous blast.. I was kinda nervous, but high school is a TON of fun. 

Kittens!!! We gave away all the kittens that we need to. 😀😃 So now we have only four.

Bday gift!!! I LEGIT GOT AN IPOD TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!! (6th gen) 





My Bday is Coming up!

Sorry about no new blog posts recently, I’ve been busy and all with 9th grade. BTW it is not NEARLY as hard as every one said soooooo yeah.

I’m super excited about my 14th birthday! I get an iPhone 6 from my mom so that is making me SUPER excited!! lol Here is a countdown– let’s see if it works…..

Peace out,


P.S. anddddd it’s not working– click on it and the countdown will come up. Sorry bout that