Sooooo, I updated the blog. It used to look so old. I love it now.

We saw our kittens! They are SOOOO cute.

I had so much fun in Arizona. I must admit that I was super nervous flying. We used a twenty passenger van to drive around most of the time so that was fun. We drove to New Mexico to see where my mom lived when she was my age. We also drove to the Grand Canyon. It was SOO pretty. It kinda looked like a painting.

The flight home was weird. We got up EARLY like three Arizona time. Our flight was at six thrirty. We got home and we had lost three hours. The night before I had coffee and so I couldn’t sleep until twelve. It was weird when I woke up because I wasn’t tired.

This month is packed with stuff. Our school starts on August 23 so I’m NOT ready for that.

Life hack: if you close a tab that you didn’t want to, press ctrl+shift+T.

Your Word have I treasured in my heart that I might not sin against You. Psalm 119:11




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