Just Randomness

It’s been a while since I posted anything sooo I decided to post something. lol

The kittens I was telling you about now have their eyes open so we can hold them (YAY!!!!!) One of our most tame cats disappeared last Saturday and hasn’t come back.

I am doing Bible Quizzing which means that I have to memorize like six chapters from the Bible. I already have memorized two and am halfway there on the third which rocks. I found out that if I memorize two verses every day for the entire month of May, then I can switch back to memorizing one verse per day and be done before school starts.

Tuesday is my teacher’s bday and then she will be twenty.

I am on my last full week of school (!!!!!!!!) and then we just have three full days and one half day after that (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I am not looking forward the high school tho because everyone says how hard it’ll be. 😦

Well that’s all I have to bore you with now. lol

Life Hack: If you need a dry erase board but don’t have one, try using a picture frame. Write right on it with your marker. It works!