So…. Right now at my house, I have THREE little kittens!!! Today, our female had her kittens and they are so cute!!!! Of course, they will be more cute when they are older but…. they are still cute to me at least. lol The mama has quite a bit of orange on her and so two of the kittens are orange. The other one looks just like her (black, orange, and white).

I also wanted to rub it in to everyone who is in school’s faces (#sorrynotsorry) that today I had my final test in Math (truly Algebra 1/2) and now I’m done for the year in Math!!!!!! Our school lets out on May 14, 2016– did I already say this??? Anyhoo…. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! lol When does your school let out?

Life Hack: When you need to do a presentation in school and you write your notes on notecards, use different colors for each line so as not to get confused where you are.




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