Clarification and Other Randomness

I read on a Mennonite blog that most plain Mennonites just dress the way they do as they think it will get them to Heaven. The only knowledge I have of any thing like that is of the Old Order Amish. Although this is true, some Old Order Amish are Christians. New Order Amish, on the other hand, are Christians. The Beachy Mennonites are the way they are because they became Christians and believed that the Old Order Amish way was not what the Bible wanted. So– I just wanted the clarify on that for everyone who wondered or read something like that.

Is anyone in school right now that is SO READY for school to be out and SUMMER vacation(!!!) to come? As I am in a private Christian school, we have a shorter school year. Our year ends in 21 1/2 days. (May 14, 2016) What I find funny is that the Picnic (the end-of-year day when everyone who wants to will come and watch a program and stay for the day) is on my dad’s birthday. And here is something random, my mom’s bday was yesterday.

Our outdoor cat is gonna have kittens and we keep on waiting and waiting for her to have them. Every morning I go out to feed our dog and check and NO SHE HAS NOT HAD HER KITTENS YET. BOO!!!!!

Random fact: We have had 38 different cats. (38 or 48– not sure and too lazy to count . đŸ™‚ Toodles!

Life Hack: If you want to delete a lot of words when typing, instead of holding down the backspace, hold down ctrl+backspace to delete one word at a time.





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