Welcome to my blog! First blog post! Lol. If your reading this blog, you are probably interested in Mennonites– or maybe you are one. I randomly decided to start a blog because I love writing and being myself even though I am a kind of nerd and therefore am rather shy. Whoa! Run on sentence going on there…

Anyway, I’m gonna tell you more about myself. I have three sisters and no brothers. I’m Mennonite. I’m also a lefty, a complete nerd, and a Christian.

I am kinda like most teens in quite a few ways though. I love video games such as Sims. (SO MUCH FUN!) I have social media. Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr… I would feel SO deprived even for two hours without wifi.

But yet, I’m so different. I wear dresses every day. I cover my hair with a veil.

Here’s a question for you– have you ever seen a Mennonite?

Something interesting for you– my 8th great (SO LONG AGO) grandfather was a full blooded Indian!!! Oh, wow, that was like SO RANDOM!!!!!!!!!!! lol My ancestors come from Switzerland and probably Germany.

I speak a form of German that people called Pennsylvania Dutch. My aunt went on a trip to Spain last(??) year and met some people from Germany that knew of a district in Germany that speaks the exact dialect that I do. Is that cool or what???

As it is getting late here and tomorrow is a Monday ( 😦 ) I need to go to bed. Thanks for stopping by. Comment and all that stuff. lol. BYEZEES!

Life Hack: Feel tired when you wake up? Drink lots of water.






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